My Story

I was born in Turkey and moved to the U.S. with my family in 2019, just before Covid-19 hit the world. Crazy times. I have graduated from a Turkish college with City/Urban Planning degree. I had been a commercial real estate agent for ten years, by the time we moved here. Before that, I had a five years of being employee period in an industry leading company on insulation and waterproofing products as a regional sales manager.

Now I have got my certificate on GIS and seeking a job. I guess I should take some education on job interview too. I have not participated in any job interview since 2002, I got my last job as an employee.

Playing golf, building my Minecraft World, and music are my free time interests. Also spending time with my family is a real relaxing activity, especially after a tiring day.

Why did I build Map&Map?

Between March and October 2022, I took an online certification course from Michigan StateĀ  University on GIS. During the second period of the course, which was Cartography, our instructors adwised us that we should build a personal website to post our map studies, during and after the course. That was a great idea and the reason why I built this website.

The maps posted on this website are mostly from the studies in the class. I also added an additional section about special locations to visit in Turkey. I hope you will enjoy my website. Thank you for visiting.

Dad of

twin boys

I have two 11 years old great kids. I love spending time with them.

Not Bad

at cooking

The problem is, if you are good at cooking, also you are, at eating.

4 Years

in the US

We have still a lot to learn about the country. And what is Home Run?


guitar & piano

One of the best ways to disconnect from the time, just for a while.

If you don't know where you are, a map won't help.

"Watts Humphrey"