This is the final week of the Cartography class in GIS certificate course. I wish I had a field trip before creating this map. Field trip is important… This is a very cool surfing town near Pacific Ocean. Nosara, Costa Rica. Nosara is a popular place for surfers and also there are lots of activities beyond surfing in this town. Fantastic boat tours, pony tours on the beach, turtle watching, etc. You can explore visiting this web site, . So, here is my map.

Actually this time I jumped up creating the map without reading the instructions completely. So my first map had tones of features, point symbols, etc. But I could realize something was wrong, before finishing and uploading it. This is the final map. As always I chose having fun and add something more. Also I have used a different base map.

In my homepage, I say I discover the Earth while taking this course, that is a hundred percent correct. Now I have added one more destination to my “places to go” list. Thanks for reading.



Here is the pdf file.